The Manual for VR User from Industry and Business

VR-Business Report

The valuable source of inspiration for the implementation of VR applications in a wide variety of industries.

Target Groups for the Business Report

Users, companies, agencies and educational institutions that

  • want to know more about the added value of VR technology for your own business
  • want to quickly identify the most relevant use cases in the complex VR ecosystem
  • find out how Virtual Reality can fuel the digitization strategy
  • become inspired how to start the first VR prototypes and VR applications


Added value of the business report

  • Structured source of inspiration for relevant VR use cases in your own business environment
  • Extensive collection of reference examples reduces costs, time and effort for your own desktop research
  • Risk minimization in the implementation of VR technology
  • Benefit from the project experience of professional VR experts
  • Detailed value-added analyzes of key applications in various industry segments (Osterwalder method Customer Value Proposition)

Get a Free Preview of the Virtual Reality Business Report

VR-Business Reports from present4D

The reports are based on an analysis and linkage of information from numerous non-gaming reference projects, world-wide industrial VR prototypes of the last 4 years, and more than 20 years of experience of the founding team in the industrial environment. Interested readers can already have a first look in a free version of the Inspiration Edition (Preview).



“With the VR Business Report we want to give business developers, marketing managers, strategists, innovators, researchers and decision makers in companies a very valuable source of inspiration and information. This report will be a great complement to the KPMG study to accelerate decision-making in companies, efficiently integrating VR technology into their own business processes. In addition to extensive information and a systematic description of the various VR ecosystems, the special advantage of the reports are the added-value and customer-benefit analysis of very specific and relevant use cases from a wide variety of industries. “

Dr. Michael Gerards, Co-Founder and Managing Director of present4D GmbH

Benefits of VR-Business Reports

  • Quick Overview of complex VR Ecosystem
  • Significantly reduces own Desktop Research
  • Added Value Analysis of Use Cases
  • Source for Inspirations
  • Risk Reduction for VR Implementation