present4D – Core Team

Markus Prenneis | CEO

Managing Partner
Sales & Projects
Mobil: +49 160 93853192

Since 1992 international multimedia productions in the field of 3D animation, 3D real time visualization, industrial movies, 360 degree images, 360 degree video and interactive media. Profound experience with the steel industry.

Thomas Trzaska | CTO

Managing Partner
Marketing & VR-Suite
Mobil: +49 151 25 333 100

Since 2003 design and development of multimedia 360 degree walkthroughs and interactive applications. Profound experience in the field of 360 degree construction documentation and trade fair business.

Dr. Michael Gerards | CFO

Managing Partner
Financials & Consulting
Mobil: +49 151 67104849

Since 1996 innovation management in the field of R&D, strategy and business development. Profound experience in the industrial field of pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Development of the innospire innovation process (Innovation Award of the German Economy 2015).

Daniel Korgel

Lead Developer
VR Specialist

Angelo Overmeier

Senior Developer
VR Specialist
Lead AR/VR UX Designer

Tomasz Tarczynski

Multimedia Developer

Anna Winz

Graphic Design

Anna-Lisa Gerards

Accounting & Sales
Mobil: +49 171 5810118