RWE | BoA 2&3

The largest brown coal power plant of the world

“A kind of powerpoint de luxe”

Tobias Nowag | Bayern2 Radio

“You have done outstanding things with the VR-Suite.”

Dr. Walter Demmelhuber | University Erlangen-Nürnberg: Lecturer for business informatics

“The VR-Suite allows us to guide our customers through our international factories in a unique way and to let them experience the production steps themselves in the realm of clean room or danger zones”

Dr. Walter Demmelhuber | Pfisterer Holding AG: Board of directors

“Our Virtual Reality presentation was a complete success, we were well known throughout the show, and in the future we will continue to expand the use of the VR-Suite.”

Diana Baganz | Doosan Lentjes GmbH | Marketing Manager
Doosan: 44.000 employees worldwide

Natural energy | Hydroelectric power station

one of the most modern Hydroelectric power stations in Europe

“A great advantage of the VR-Suite APP is its flexibility, rapid and uncomplicated customization.”

Frank Hermann | DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation Innovation Campus Operations Manager

“I find the VR-Suite very good and hope that you will have a great future”

Fabrizio Rota | Suprema | CEO | Divisione Virtual Set di Suprema

“The VR-Suite already demonstrates the enormous potential of Virtual Reality, which makes it fun and impresses everyone.”

Gregor Kremsmüller | Kremsmüller Group | CEO | 2400 employees in 20 locations | kremsmueller.com

ThyssenKrupp | Hoesch-Hohenlimburg

the pearl of steel production

“It’s a delight to create tours.”

Thomas Ehmer | Merck Group | Business Technologies R&D Science and Technology – Innovation Incubator

“I’ve tried the trial version of the VR-Suite software and am very impressed.”

Rene Ribbens | 360 Verbeelding | Student

“I would gladly take your offer of a VR-Suite training if I need it in the future, but the software seems really self-explanatory.”

Tobias Mayer | satis&fy AG | Team Lead Special Projects & Video Services

Samsung GearVR Killer App Contest

It was a pleasure for us to win the Samsung GearVR Killer App Contest – Samsung as HMD market leader!
The great feedback from the judges are an important signal for the VR B2B market – and shows that we are on the right way to bring VR into company´s daily busines.

“I gave extra score due to VR-Suite’s potential of solving problems on both ends. It’s a useful tool to 1) create an interactive, immersive presentation in VR (or using traditional desktop), and 2) consume immersive informative, platform agnostic VR content that can be experienced inside any VR headset.”

Paul T. Kim, Director of Content and Services at Samsung

“VR-Suite demonstrated both of the two critical elements likely to make VR disruptive: the ability to communicate 1:1 with others, while exploring spaces or experiences that were directly created by oneself and/or others.“

Philip Rosedale, founder 2nd life and CEO of High Fidelity

“VR-Suite was my top choice because it’s a functional tool that can be used for productivity”

Taylor Freeman, CEO and Chief Evangelist of Upload VR

„Teachers may be able to easily cobble together interactive learning material for students, with existing media like text, photos, audio, and combine it with immersive media like 360 photos/videos which are becoming easier and easier to create.”

Paul T. Kim, Director of Content and Services at Samsung

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Up close with the Virtual Reality-Suite

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10 Selected 360° references from the time before there were VR headsets.

Made with the previous version of the VR-Suite.

We have been developing high-end 360° solutions for the B2B market since 2003.

RWE | BoA2&3

  • 291 Panoramas
  • 17 fixed panorama locations
  • Numerous multimedia information

The largest brown coal power plant in the world. The interactive construction documentation, filled with a wealth of information, provides a transparent insight into one of the largest construction sites in Europe.

DMT | Basalt tunnel

  • 120 Panorama locations
  • Recorded in total darkness

The state of Rhineland Palatinate protects its citizens by documenting cavities created by basalt mining.

Stadtwerke Duisburg | HKW3B

  • more than 126 panorama pictures
  • Building documentation: 14 dates, 9 panoramic locations
  • 14 video clips

“With present4D, it is possible to optimally convey the construction phases of our combined heat and power plant.”

Christoph Schmidt, Power Plant Design

Bergbau museum

  • 20 Panorama locations
  • 16 Multimedia information

“In our exhibition, you can learn a lot about mining, and since we have a great interest in good public relations,   present4D fits well into our communication strategy. “

Dr. Siegfried Müller

Monier 3D House

  • 250 Multimedia information
  • 7 Panorama locations

The Monier Group presents the product world of its business units in multiple languages with over 250 media types for different markets. All of this with clear 360° tours.


  • 20 Panorama locations
  • 16 Multimedia information

“The Virtual Tour on our website shows our visitors in advance that it is worth coming by.”

Kirsten Behnke, museum management

Hydropower plants

  • 22 Panorama locations
  • 36 Multimedia information

The energy service allows thanks to present4D a transparent insight into its hydropower plants Rheinfelden, Laufenburg and Wyhlen. This is how the customers know where their electricity comes from.

Strip mill

  • 14 Panorama locations
  • 29 Panoramas

Hoesch Hohenlimburg prepares visitors for a real visit with this virtual company visit.

Hotel in the Kurpark

  • 20 Panorama locations
  • 16 Multimedia information

“As a barrier-free hotel we use the possibilities of present4D to show our guests that we care for them in every possible way.”

Hans Günter Jung, Hotel director

ANWR campus

  • 8 Panorama locations
  • 1 Start video
  • 4 Perspective videos

“With present4D, our customer can generate even more attention for your exhibitions.”

Torsten Fremer, Managing Director Agency Klubhaus