Professional on every Interface

Since 1995 we carry out projects for SMEs and corporations in different constellations. From the design of a company museum to the multimedia support of trade fair booths our customers demanded us with very varied tasks. The topics of digitalization, visualization, content management, 360° and 3D were always the common thread in our development. A lot of the projects are based on the VR-Suite, while some of them are build from the ground up regarding the customers needs. Let’s find out together what works best for you.

Some examples of our Projects:

Imperial Logistics –
VR Rollercoaster

The interactive rollercoaster ride developed by present4D, driving past product photos and slogans, provided plenty of action on the transport and logistics booth.

Europapark –

Streaming 360° Videoplayer in 2K and 4K. Available for Samsung GearVR, Cardboard, and Oculus Rift.

present4D has developed the first official COASTIALITY app on behalf of MackMedia. Various roller coasters in VR mode make you want more.

Doosan –
Digital  Reference List

With the VR-Suite, present4D has made 18 global Doosan power plant locations virtually accessible. Many detailed information make the VR presentation into a full-blown and unforgettable information system.

360° Construction Documentation

17 panorama sites, 291 panoramas

With present4D, RWE provides transparent insights into one of the largest construction sites in Europe. present4D has made various power plants and large industrial plants virtually accessible.

Amway –
Sky Product Introduction

With a customized version of the VR-Suite, Amway introduced the product “Sky” and trained its employees. Gaming modules and quiz elements were implemented as a development project in the VR-Suite.

ThyssenKrupp –
Stone Gyratory Crusher

As a virtual extension of the trade fair stand at BAUMA, ThyssenKrupp is using a virtual reality 3D presentation from present4D. Specialized customers can thus clearly explain the functional principle of the new stone gyratory crusher.