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present4D | VR-Suite Update & Renaiming

The next-generation FARO® ScanPlan was launched as a fast, hand-held 2D mapper to easily capture and visualize 2D floor plans. With the PanoCam, panoramic images are created that are integrated in the floor plan at a geometrically correct position and provide the user with a 360° overview. Thanks to an integrated export function to the present4D VR-Suite, FARO® customers can also experience the captured images in virtual reality (VR). The VR presentation is available within a few minutes after completion of the acquisition process without further effort.

present4D @ Learntec | 30.01.2019 Karlsruhe

At the Learntec it’s finally time. present4D presents the prerelease version of the VR-Suite 2.0 for the first time – and gets an overwhelming response. We look forward to deepening the numerous discussions and turning them into success stories.

present4D @ CES | 08.01.2019 Las Vegas – USA

At the CES in Las Vegas present4D shows for the first time a beta version of the final VR-Suite 2.0 – as a guest at the booth of our cooperation partner insta360. It was a great time with you in Vegas and we are looking forward to further cooperation.

present4D @ CEBIT | 11.06.2018 Hannover

Five weeks after signing the investment contract with FARO Technologies we show our newest VR-Suite version at CEBIT with newest equipment.
This year we have an even larger crowd than at the very successful CEBIT 2017 – that’s absolutely fantastic.
We thank all our customers for their encouragement and the countless interesting discussions and ideas we have exchanged! A big thank you!

A big ‘thank you’ also to Facebook, Oculus and the VR Business Club to offer us the opportunity to present our ideas on their stage.

And finally thanks to HTC VIVE for giving us a personal presentation of their new Vive Focus!

FARO® Makes Strategic Minority Investment in present4D

LAKE MARY, Fla., May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FARO® (NASDAQ: FARO), the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for 3D factory, construction BIM, product design, and public safety forensics, today announced that it has made a strategic minority investment in present4D GmbH, a leading software solutions provider for professional virtual reality (VR) presentations and training environments.

“We are very excited to have present4D as a strategic partner, which is uniquely positioned to drive adoption of virtual reality solutions across a broad spectrum of business and industrial applications,” stated Dr. Simon Raab, President and CEO of FARO®.


eLearning Award for VR-Suite client

We congratulate our customer engram GmbH on the AWARD of the eLearning Journal. With the VR-Suite, engram has developed the consulting tool “view” for customer advisory services in banks.
Jury: “… In terms of practical relevance in connection with the joy of learning, the project is thus hard to beat.”
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present4D @ Digility | Köln

At Digility we have presented functionality of the VR-Suite 2.0 for the first time. Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are our focused themes.

present4D @ VR Business Club at Microsoft

VR Business Club at Microsoft in Cologne with the latest insights of the Microsoft HoloLens team. In the talk with the experts, we looked at the question of how companies are given access to immersive technologies, which costs and opportunities arise.

present4D @ Deutscher Innovationspreis 2017 | Munich

As well as last year, the team of present4D has fascinated the guests with Virtual Reality experiences and contributed to the success of this year’s German Innovation Award 2017 in Munich. Interesting VR use cases in the B2B context were presented together with a breath-taking virtual walk along a plank between skyscrapers , which was one of the highlights of the after-show-party.

present4D @ German VR-Forum

Together with Diana Baganz of Doosan, we introduced our Virtual Reality Suite and reported about practical experiences on trade fairs. A wonderful location. VR is a big family.

present4D @ KPMG VR Lounge

– Co-partnering with VR / AR Study
– Co-partnering with VR / AR Assessment Tool
– VR Lounge at Corporate Event

KPMG is focusing on the technical expertise of present4D on VR. The Executive Summary of the study can already be loaded. The Virtual / Augmented Reality Assessment objectively assesses the opportunities and possibilities of VR and AR applications for companies from different perspectives.

“It is important to have a company on board with present4D, which has several years of practical experience in Virtual Reality.”
Markus Deutsch, Director, KPMG

present4D @ #telemesse / MediaCom

Again, MediaCom took advantage of VR’s expertise from present4D to further explore the topic of Virtual Reality. Following the presentation of the previous year, we were able to not only inform the team, but also bring the added value for the communication closer.

present4D @ IT&Media FUTURE Congress | Darmstadt

Virtual Reality to touch is presented by present4D at the IT & Media FUTUREcongress. In a keynote with live demo, present4D provides an overview of current developments in the field of Virtual Reality. How can Virtual Reality be used successfully in the business? What is the near future of Virtual Reality? What does a company need to do in Virtual Reality?

“Present4D has enriched the future aspect of our event very much!”
Michael Mattis, Managing Director of AMC Media Network and organizer of IT & Media

present4D @ Screenforce Day 2015

present4D was booked for a Speakerslot at the central event of the TV industry on 16.4.15. Together with the presenter Wolfram Kons, we presented a VR performance in front of 1,400 spectators. Under the motto “The power of the pictures” we accompanied the event with 5 Oculus Rift, 3 Samsung GearVR and 150 Google Cardboards. Oh, and with 6 VR experts from present4D.

present4D @ #telemesse / MediaCom

MediaCom uses the VR expertise of present4D to bring its 850 employees to the topic of virtual reality. With 5 Oculus Rift, 3 Samsung GearVR, the Zeiss VR One and several cardboards, we were able to inform the team comprehensively.

present4D @ Accenture

present4D presents at an internal Accenture digital event. With 3 Oculus Rift, 2 Samsung GearVR’s we have inspired for project ideas in the field of Virtual Reality.