Rent VersionPurchase Version
Additional Project-Portal*995€ Once995€ Once
Web-Export Module**395€ Once / 50€ Monthly extra995€ Once
Additional Editor WorkspacesContact UsContact Us

* A project portal is a subunit of the main license and serves to separate projects (e.g. for different target groups) and is thus linked to an existing license –> administration and processing are subject to the main license.

** Prerequisite for the activation of a module is the current status of the present4D VR suite, i.e. there must be an active update interval. If you want to host the HTML page on our servers, please contact us. A list of all functions from the VR suite that the web export module can export can be found here under point 6. Web Export.

Updates/Upgrades Extensions:

Rent VersionPurchase Version
Updates Basic Software***Included995€ per year
Updates Basic Software + Web-Export Module****Included in the rent price1190€ per year
Version Upgrade (After Update Break)IncludedContact Us

***Updates can only be booked for all purchased features, including all modules. Update extensions are directly connected to an existing interval or start immediately if this interval has already expired.

****Runtimes for updates of individual modules (e.g. Web Exporter) are linked to the existing update interval of the basic software. Example: still 6 months update interval available and there is a Web Exporter module purchase, then the update period for this module is also still 6 months valid.

Hosting Packages Enterprise Server:

Package 1Package 2Package 3Package Pro
Max. Projectsize1GB2GB4GB4GB
Traffic per Month 250GB500GB1000GBIndividual for your traffic
Project Downloads per Month (Avarage Projectsize 350MB) 715 Downloads1425 Downloads2850 DownloadsIndividual
Cost per month during lease period / Cost per year for purchase version*****0€ / 360€30€ / 720€90€ / 1440€Individual

*****When the hosting interval/rent expires, all cloud data is deleted. Hosting packages are connected directly to an existing interval or start immediately if this interval has already expired. Hosting package extensions are linked to the existing hosting interval of the basic software. Example: there are still 9 months hosting interval package 1 available and there is an extension to package 2, then the term for this extension is also valid for 9 months, then with the corresponding higher price. We reserve the right to make a price adjustment of the hosting packages due to a tariff adjustment of the hosting service provider.

Special Long Term Hosting:

No more active rental license and still keep the projects online: use longterm hosting packages (minimum duration 1 year). Prices on request.

 VR-Suite License Details


  • The license applies to a commercial end customer for self-use.
  • VR projects may only be passed on to third parties free of charge.
  • Agencies may use the license to carry out commissioned work (commercial projects) for their agency clients.
  • The distribution of standardized products based on the VR-Suite (eg training courses, panorama portal or similar), which many end customers have to pay individually, is not permitted in the license. See “Product license”.

Logo and Project Portals

  • The license includes a project portal.
  • The logo of the Project Portal can be exchanged. The same logo will be displayed in the iMenu.
  • Only one logo per Project Portal can be integrated at the same time.
  • Another logo can be displayed while starting a project: “Splash Screen”
  • End customers can purchase additional Project Portals to make certain projects accessible to different target groups, e.g. separate Portals for: “Onboarding”, “Development Department” & “Marketing”.
  • Agencies can purchase additional Project Portals so that every agency client can only see their own projects and logos.
  • Agencies may also buy full licenses for their customers if the agency client wants to maintain the projects themselves. The license must then be entered on the agency customer.

Seats & Devices

  • Use the license on up to two devices to create projects.
  • Play on any number of devices, even after expiration of the contract.

End of Contract

  • All existing presentations can be further used.
  • The cloud server storage provided will be deleted after the expiry of the contract.
  • Rental license: No new 360° locations can be added. All projects that have already been loaded onto devices can be viewed further. 
  • Purchase License: New 360 ° Locations can still be added.
  • There is no entitlement to updates and support.

VR-Suite Rent

  • € 199, – / month excl. Tax
  • Minimum contract period = 5 months
  • Terminable monthly

VR-Suite Purchase

  • € 2.995, – purchase price excl. Tax
    Updates for 12 months
  • Update extension starting at € 995, – each additional 12 months excl. Tax

Project Portal Purchase

  • € 995, – purchase price excl. Tax

Licenses for Agencies and Producers

Agency / Producer License for Customer Projects

  • The above license conditions apply.
  • Prices for agencies / producer licenses are available on request.

Product License for Products based on the VR-Suite

  • The product license entitles to the sale of standardized products based on the VR-Suite (eg training courses, Panorama Portal or similar).
  • The price per product license is available on request.

Price list as of 19.08.2019. Changes and errors excepted.

Please note the system requirements on

All prices excl. VAT. The offers are exclusively for commercial users.
VR-Suite Rental Price Brutto = € 220,15
VR-Suite Purchase Price Brutto = € 3.564,05