VR Pioneers with digital DNA

present4D –
VR Pioneers with digital DNA

With more than 55 years of business experience in the field of multimedia and innovation, we are constantly thinking of using new in-game mechanics from the gaming world to create meaningful B2B projects and develop innovative business models.

In 2013, with the first development kit of the Oculus Rift, present4D got an unexpected gift. Virtual reality was the missing link of our long-term 360° photos and 3D scenario projects. All ideas, concepts and ambitions would now find their rightful place. We started with a small VR team the development of the VR-Suite, to be able to handle bigger VR projects more efficiently.

In 2015, we realized that there was no solution in the market that was even remotely as useful as the VR-Suite. So we decided to extend the VR-Suite to an out-of-the-box solution for agencies and end customers.

In 2016, our hard work paid off: we were nominated winner of the Samsung GearVR Killer App Contest and, Samsung, the market leader himself, certified that our B2B app had an “enormous potential”. The overwhelming feedback and the awards that our customers gained with VR-Suite projects also indicate that we are on the right path. The innovation power of the VR-Suite is guaranteed. Let’s create together the VR era.

In 2017 the serious search for an investor began. present4D is increasingly focusing on putting the VR-Suite at the center of business activities. We have launched the new website vr-suite.com for the International Consumer Electronics Fair IFA.

In 2018 Faro Technology Inc. the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for 3D factory, construction BIM, product design, and public safety forensics, made a strategic minority investment in present4D GmbH.

In 2019, a new business version of the VR-Suite was unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. present4D launched the VR-Suite on a broad distribution network and marketing communication basis.

In 2020, the spread of VR will continue to progress slowly. In order to be able to do justice to the range of different customers, we have published a new price structure. This means that all customers now can find an attractive pricing – from dedicated primary school teachers to global corporations that use the VR-Suite as a corporate strategy tool. Furthermore we focus on the development towards real-time 3D and Augmented Reality (AR).

In 2021, we had to close our previous company, present4D GmbH, but we immediately opened present4D Solutions UG to continue offering all services to our clients. Our focus is increasingly shifting towards the education sector.

In 2022, in addition to developing customized VR-Suite solutions for clients, we started creating a concept for Open Educational Resources (OER). We strongly believe that this is a crucial element in enhancing the implementation of VR in schools and educational institutions.

In 2023, we have prepared our next release: VR-Suite 2.5. We have renamed the app from present4D to VR-Suite to improve communication. The new version includes simplifications for beginners and school administrators. We have migrated our server from Amazon Web Services to Hetzner, an important step towards gaining approval for use in German schools. Once again, we are seeking a new investor to accelerate development, create OER content, and implement our solutions in the education market.