Understanding Added Value of Virtual Reality

With interactive VR keynotes, VR seminars, VR strategy workshops, and with a new VR business report, we offer you various opportunities to get to know and implement VR into your business processes.

Since 2013, we are eagerly following the rapid development in the field of virtual reality. Since facebook 2014 has acquired Oculus VR for $ 2.3 billion, it’s clear that virtual reality became the new must-have for innovative presentations. Many other well-known companies such as Samsung, Zeiss, Sony, HTC, Google, Acer, Levono and Dell have already brought the VR technology into the market.

Current challenges facing VR technology will be evaluated in the different consultancy services from present4D. Based on universal cross-industrial use cases, our VR experts demonstrate how this technology can be used in every type of industry.

VR Business Report

A comprehensive technology overview and  value added analysis of cross-industrial use cases and of many business segments

VR Keynotes & Events


Experience VR with your colleagues, partners or customers.
Virtual reality as an event highlight.
VR is as if you were actually there!
A future technology that is just becoming reality.
We offer you an impressive, exciting and humorous voyage of discovery into the virtual world.

VR  Seminars


  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • How can Virtual Reality be used?
  • Who uses Virtual Reality

Experience Virtual Reality with many practical examples.
Get a comprehensive overview of the current state of this revolutionary technology: history, hardware, software, practice of relevant VR applications

VR Strategy Workshops


  • Using Virtual Reality as a corporate strategy tool
  • Develop meaningful use cases with professional methods
  • Use Virtual Reality across departments
  • Generate added value with VR for your target groups

Work with our experts to create a long-term, sustainable virtual reality strategy for your business.

Workshop Methods and Tools

Customer Value Map, Creativity techniques, trend analysis, Design Thinking, Cross-Industry, Osterwalder Canvas, Prototyping, Storytelling etc.

Target Groups and Use Cases

Emotionalization of Products

There has never been such an intense and emotional medium. It is now advertising and marketing strategies for events, point-of-sale and the mass market to develop.

Company Presentations and Trainings

They are virtually at the scene. So real and immersive that the contents can be conveyed optimally from a perceptual-psychological point of view.

Communicate Corporate Culture more vividly

Also use VR to share your knowledge in collaborative multi-user mode. Transport your change processes with new and innovative possibilities.

VR Business Report powered by present4D

In Spring 2019, present4D will publish the first part reports of a comprehensive and broad-based Virtual Reality Business Report. These reports are based on an analysis and linkage of information from numerous non-gaming reference projects, global industrial VR prototypes of the past 4 years, and more than 20 years of experience of the founding team in the industrial environment. Interested parties can already throw a first glance into a free version of the “Inspiration Edition”

  • VR report for business and industrial applications
  • Overview of the VR eco-system
  • Based on long-term industrial experience
  • Recommendations for VR implementations


VR Report for Business and Industrial Applications

  • Learn about the opportunities and challenges of this revolutionary and innovative technology

Implementation is the Key

  • Understand why other companies have already implemented VR in their business and digitalization strategy

Understanding of a new Ecosystem

  • Get a very comprehensive, structured overview of different VR ecosystems

Many years of Industrial Experience

  • Benefit from the project experience of professional VR experts

Added Value of the VR Business Reports

  • Most comprehensive overview of complex VR ecosystem
  • Description of the 10 universal cross-industrial VR Use Cases
  • Overview of key Use Cases in 9 different key industry and key business segments
  • Customer value proposition analysis of many key Use Cases

“With the VR Business Report we want to give business developers, marketing managers, strategists, innovators, developers and decision makers in companies a very valuable source of inspiration and information. This report will be a great complement to the KPMG study to accelerate decision-making in companies, meaningfully and efficiently integrating VR technology into their own business processes. In addition to extensive information and a systematic description of the various VR ecosystems, the special value of the reports in the value-added and customer-benefit analysis of very specific and relevant use cases from a wide variety of industries. “

Dr. Michael Gerards, Co-Founder and Managing Director of present4D