Understanding Added Value of Virtual Reality

With interactive VR keynotes, VR seminars/webinars, VR strategy workshops, Blog posts and with a new VR business report, we offer you various opportunities to get to know and implement VR into your business processes.

Since 2013, we are eagerly following the rapid development in the field of virtual reality. Since facebook 2014 has acquired Oculus VR for $ 2.3 billion, it’s clear that virtual reality became the new must-have for innovative presentations. Many other well-known companies such as Samsung, Zeiss, Sony, HTC, Google, Acer, Levono and Dell have already brought the VR technology into the market.

Current challenges facing VR technology will be evaluated in the different consultancy services from present4D. Based on universal cross-industrial use cases, our VR experts demonstrate how this technology can be used in every type of industry.

Beginner VR Workshop


Try out VR and get an impression of the potential for your business.


• 3h workshop
• Experience business use cases
• Try out VR headsets
• Get insights about 360° cameras

Become a VR Creator


Learn everything you need to create & publish professional 360° VR experiences.


• 8h training
• Learn how to create vr presentations
• Capture 360° content
• Create interactions without coding
• Distribute to mobile devices, webbrowser and VR headsets
• Get an overview about VR hardware

Consulting & Events


What can we do for you?

On Request

• VR keynotes
• VR experiences at events
• VR strategy consulting
• VR implementation

* Changes and errors reserved. Prices are excl. tax. Travel expenses may be charged.

VR Keynotes & Events


Experience VR with your colleagues, partners or customers.
Virtual reality as an event highlight.
VR is as if you were actually there!
A future technology that is just becoming reality.
We offer you an impressive, exciting and humorous voyage of discovery into the virtual world.

VR Seminars


Experience Virtual Reality with many practical examples.
Get a comprehensive overview of the current state of this revolutionary technology: history, hardware, software, practice of relevant VR applications

  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • How can Virtual Reality be used?
  • Who uses Virtual Reality?

VR Strategy Workshops


Work with our experts to create a long-term, sustainable virtual reality strategy for your business.

Workshop Methods and Tools

Customer Value Map, Creativity techniques, trend analysis, Design Thinking, Cross-Industry, Osterwalder Canvas, Prototyping, Storytelling etc.

  • Using Virtual Reality as a corporate strategy tool
  • Develop meaningful use cases with professional methods
  • Use Virtual Reality across departments
  • Generate added value with VR for your target groups

Free Webinars


We are offering free Webinars at least once in a week to help you get started with benefiting from Virtual Reality. Interact with VR experts, you just need your browser to join.

  • How do I create a VR presentation in a couple of minutes?
  • How can I use my media and information in VR?

VR Business Report


A comprehensive technology overview and  value added analysis of cross-industrial use cases and of many business segments

  • Want to know more about the added value of VR technology for your own business
  • Want to quickly identify the most relevant use cases in the complex VR ecosystem
  • Much more…



In our Blog we will be sharing regularly information about Virtual Reality. All the articles are for free so go ahead and take a look at it, to get a better understanding of Virtual Reality

  • Find out which headset works best for you
  • Read more about the benefits of VR
  • Get to know tricks & tips for a useful VR presentation

We would love to hear from you. Let’s discuss how you can use the advantages of Virtual Reality in your Company.