The advantages of Virtual Reality are endless

We have been priviliged with award winning VR projects that we have created together with our customers. We can do the same for you. Take a look at our blog, join a webinar or contact us to book a Virtual Reality Keynote or Workshop where we can find out how you can benefit the most out of Virtual Reality.


With interactive VR keynotes, VR seminars/webinars, VR strategy workshops, blog posts and with a new VR business report, we offer you various opportunities to get to know and implement VR into your business processes.

Individual Projects

Want to ride a rollercoaster, control your machines in VR or fly in a virtual helicopter to your company?

We can help you build an amazing Virtual Reality Presentation. Let’s find out together how you can present your company or product in the best possible way.

VR Business Report

Comprehensive added value analysis of cross-industrial uses cases with numerous business reference projects and global industrial VR prototypes of recent years. Learn how others have already implemented VR into their business.

Let us help you generating value into your business processes with creativity techniques, customer value proposition, trend analysis, design thinking, osterwalder canvas, prototyping, storytelling and a lot more

With more than 55 years of business experience in the field of multimedia and innovation, we are constantly developing new ideas on how to benefit from Virtual Reality.

Trade Fair Experiences

Product Marketing

Complex Structure

HR, Training & Onboarding

R&D & Simulations

Process Visualisations

Knowledge Management

Brand Strategy

Future Products

Potential Added Values using VR

  • Generate more revenue
  • Cost reduction
  • Process efficiency improvement
  • Quality improvement
  • Image enhancement
  • Risk reduction
  • Competitive advantage
  • Emotionalization of products
  • More customer proximity
  • New business models
  • Global availability
  • Ideation and inspiration
  • Improved decision making
  • Increase of customer and employee loyalty
  • Higher information retention
  • Contribution to sustainability

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We would love to hear from you! We are always interested in creating new amazing possibilities with Virtual Reality to identify your relevant use cases.